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Pertandingan Simulasi Perniagaan IPTA peringkat Kebangsaan 2012 - Part II

Hai. Salam 1 Malaysia.

Entri ini adalah kesinambungan dari entri ini.

UPM's team is the team that always couldn't make it. If you win, I don't know what to say. - Prof. Hasan Ali, Director of CEDI, UUM

Dangggg! Sentap throughout the competition. Keh keh!
Nevertheless, challenge accepted.

For Braineo Solution, we were on the second day of company registration. Stack of forms need to be filled up, dealing with the ROC, negotiating with the company secretary, HASIL, bank, yadayada. At the end of the day, we managed to obtain our company registration number after being yelled by the officer "if you keep calling us, then how we gonna finish our work. Give us some time lah!". We were running out of time as all the offices (government to be specific) will be closed after 5.30pm. That's why we keep pushing and chasing them (in a gracious and polite way we presumed. LOL).

At 6.30 pm, Braineo Solution had been officially registered with MyPEC ROC. Wohooo! *high five*

Kindly remind you that, all these are for training purpose only. It was not real after all, but we did have our own virtual world, and the economy also being controlled by the MyPEC.

I kept forgetting to wear this although the size was gedabak enough. Nyanyuk.

 You cannot run your business without this certificate. 

 Participation trophy. To our beloved FEP, we refuse to give this if you reluctant to give us the allowances as we supposed to. *blow nails*

Presentation with the bankers, if I'm not mistaken. Previously, we managed to obtain RM 2 million of redeemable convertible cumulative preference shares (RCCPS) from the venture capitalists. At this phase, we were facing a financial crisis, we even cannot afford to buy stocks! So we need to beg from the sharks bankers to get some loan. We asked for RM 1 million, but those sharks said, "we can only give you RM300,000. Take it or leave it." After we had an intense and comprehensive discussion with the team members, we had no choice but decided to accept the offer.

Forget the tight schedule, we sneaked out from UUM and called Pak Abu our driver, "Pak Abu, jom jalan-jalan Perlis!" We went to Padang Besaq for window shopping and ate seafood at Waterfront Kuala Perlis.

Talking, walking together along the beach, arguing the right coordinate of Pulau Langkawi, gazing upon the stars, what a bliss short getaway we had together. Not to mention Yoong Jan, our CEO was trying to be a successful astronomer, explaining completely with serious face to me and Moon,

"That one should be Pluto. You see, the star was too bright, big and not blinking some more."

 -_____- Apa-apa jelah Boss.

The most relaxed CEO, he allowed us to listen to the radio and surfing the internet (but not Facebooking la of course!), he also pasted CEO's quote of the day and some of the motivational stories on the wall. 

See, who says we enjoyed all the way? We even stressed out! No huge sales on the first period, got complaint from the customers, miscommunication with the web-host supplier, almost being raid by the landlord officer. Not to mention some of us even cried beyond the PC, over dinner and in the toilet. Business world couldn't be easier, trust me. 

Our final presentation to the venture capitalists and bankers went very well, finished everything without complicated questions by them, seems like everything was completely vivid and precise. Some of the facilitators even shake hands and said to us,
 "You guys made my day."

*Sengih kerang*
Braineo Solution Sdn. Bhd. Together as a team, through thick and thin, come high water or hell. 

With Mr. Tan, the account advisor.

Camwhoring as if we own the place

The trio, hottest girls on earth. *puke*

The finalists and facilitators 

The day we went back, we dropped by at Restoran Kapitan Penang to savour mamak's food, one of the famous Malaysian cuisine in Penang. 

We went to Bayan Baru's branch. They got one branch at Georgetown near to Kapitan Keling mosque called Nasi Beratuq, but we were too lazy to queue up. Instead, we just sit like a boss and ordered "Nasi beriani ayam claypot onne, teh ais onne!"

Must-buy items! Pickles at Chowrasta, George Town.

All the winners will be announced on 23rd February 2012 at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bukit Bintang. Wait for the next update. :)

May peace be upon all of you.

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